Twisted Tower

A tower game with a twist

Twisted Tower is a game of logic, strategy and cunning. Players are forced to think in three dimensions, and play offence and defense to win.

You play the game on four boards and try to get four in a row on one single board or vertically or diagonally through all four boards. But there is a twist: when it is your turn you can place one of your marbles on the board or twist a level to thwart your opponent.

The following are a few of our favorite ways to play Twisted Tower:

  1. Get 4 in a row before you opponent does
    1. For beginners, a way to play without too many rules.
  2. Allow for spinning of one, two or three boards. You have a choice, add a playing piece or spin one of the top three levels.
    1. In this variate, remember that you can "win on a spin" and turn the board to complete a winning move.
  3. Try limiting how long you get to make your next move. For example you only get 3 seconds to make a move.
  4. Try to play with our advanced pieces: which let two players share the same square.
  5. You can only make the winning move after you have at least 8 pieces on the board. This one simple rule changes everything!
    1. This is by far the most challenging, trust us when we say this level is only for perceptive players.